Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mikes new Lady..

So after a slight mishap with our garage door and almost didn't get the Honda Gold wing out, Mike was on his way with his two riding buddies to pick up his new gal, from Smithers Harley Davidson Shop.. she is a pretty girl, all black and chrome.. a 2008 and way fewer km or miles on her than our bike.. been well taken care of.. I have been on it once it feels different of course but just have to get used to it. Hopefully this weekend get out for a ride if the weather warms up.. I hate to whine, but after a few days of sunny skies and warmer temps for it to go to this its bloody cold.. anyways I will post a couple of pics then bid you all a goodnight..,

Sunday, April 29, 2012

OK almost May 1,2012

I can't believe how fast the time is flying... hubby and I have our exciting bike trip all booked for August, going to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island ride down the Island to Campbell River where I will attend my town of Ocean Falls Reunion, my momma and sis will be there, Mike is not going it should be fun.. then after the reunion, we will head down to stay with friends for a few days then off to do our thing, go into the States for a few days, then wind our way back home.. We both want to go thru Alberta then thru the Rockies such a beautiful trip on the bike, then home.. just have to keep our fingers crossed for dry and warm weather..and best of all just the two of us. Have our housesitter lined up too. Work is ticking along, the countdown is on not much longer and I shall be done for the summer, all the snow is gone from our yards Yay, will shop for a few plants want to plant a few veggies in containers see how they work out. The families and hubby and I are all doing well. Two of our grandkiddies going into Gr 10 and one into Gr 9 o m g hard to believe !!! I baked some cookies this a.m. for the kids and somehow along the way I tweaked my back I hope its better by tomorrow.. oh and another thing I did was join a Ladies Gym, and I love it.. finally got off my donkey and started doing something. feel so much better for it too!! Thats it for now.. Have posted a couple of pics from our first bike trip a few years ago we had great weather that trip..

Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2/12

aha Friday night, got together with the Knitting gals, and am now home relaxing... so it was pouring rain down the hill at the daughters, got excited at the fact that meant the snow would be going down, get home and let the doggie out and oh yes its snowing up here grrrrr, not much planned for the weekend, a date with my hairdresser tomorrow, and maybe get some groceries in.. Mon Tues and Wed is going to be different going to work and just having the administration there, a long with fellow co workers SSA's as the teachers are staging a 3 day walk out, and yes I support them 100 percent.. oh and I forgot no students will be there either, Mon a.m. we have a webinar for 2 hrs, which sounds interesting.. then what will happen for us Tues and Wed I'm not sure.. I have things to keep me busy, oh and I will take my knitting for break time.. The grandkids are fine the girls and our son in law are all doing well so yes life here is going well... Oh I did try lamb with feta and spinach sausages, with smashed potatoes, Hubby liked them so much sais they are definitely a do-over, but will have to wait till we are back in Smithers to pick up some more... now to try the lamb roast... it is a nice meat... while at the Sausage factory in smithers, I picked up lamb, gr turkey and chicken, and some pkgs of gr buffalo, which is very nice as welll... I like to try different meats... for the recipies I try... Ok tty all again soon and hope you are all happy and healthy...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yes the cold snap is here, for a week its supposed to warm up on Sunday, so lets just hope it is going to be Sunday to Sunday... froze my touche off at work today then got to come home, into jammies, and a hoodie, poured a coffee and into my sun spot, till the sun set, with the gas fireplace burning it was wonderful... hubby braved the elements and went down and got Chinese food, so I just came from under the blanket to get a plate of food and back under again geez, and our house is toasty.. feel bad for people who don't have warm places.. but tomorrow is going to be different, I am going after work to get my hair done.. so won't be able to run right home oh well I will have a new do for my warm jammies after... but even with the cold it is so beautiful to see the sunshine and blue skies... It is well into January so not bad not bad... just a few more months of winter :) and good news is we don't have to shovel the cold.. other than this all is well....

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!!

so its another year ahead of us all, 2012.. hopefully bring us all health and happiness.. 6 more months of work and 2 off yay, I have that to look forward to..The family is doing fine, I talked to my momma last night she is doing well, her and her other lady friend are off to Hawaii for almost 3 weeks next month.. My mom is doing not to bad but I think she finds the evenings most lonely since she has been on her own.. I had the best two weeks off for Xmas break, was great no plans, just r and r.. had great meals at the two houses we went to, had a great stay christmas eve and gift opening yes have to say I enjoyed it all..our granddaughter bought me the nicest colour wool to make me a blanket to wrap up in.. it matches our walls and furniture.. T had great taste.. but then she is the one too who picks out the wool colours for her mom to make all the beautiful baby sweaters that she does...we are experiencing unusual warm temps for this time of year, and every day its like this it makes for a shorter winter in my eyes.. yay.. maybe we will have dryer riding conditions this spring/summer can only hope... but for now friends, tomorrow is Friday and then then the weekend have a great one everyone..

Chloe my dog and I went for a ride and took some pics of the scenery our last sunny day... this is part of out Golf Course Greens.. its very pretty up there...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Three days later...

Well that was Xmas 2011, it was a good one, family and fun... So exciting too as our nephew and our cousin drove all the way up from Vancouver to spend Xmas with us, such a treat... hope he doesn't get snowed in now tho as we are experiencing white out conditions tonight, yikes oh well he has a few days to get back to work then he is off to Mexico for a month.. it was such a  nice time spending Xmas with family and just each others company... New Years Hubby and I just stay home, never have enjoyed going out.. so home it is.. hope eveyone else enjoyed their xmas as well..

Our girls, hubby and I.. posing on Xmas Eve... :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary to both of us....

39 years ago today hubby and I tied the 5:00 actually in Kamloops, then the next day we drove (just hubby) as I didn't have my license at the time, all the way down to Daytona Beach Florida, where my inlaws lived... spent Xmas with them.. oh how we miss them both, they have since both passed away..It is snowing snowing and more snowing here in the north.. then they are calling for freezing rain yikes, not going to be much fun for getting what are our plans for tonight, hmm maybe if hubby isn't working we will go out for dinner or I shall just sit and enjoy the first night of my holidays as you see today is the last day of work till Jan 3 I wish you could hear the excitement in this writing.. sooooo looking forward to it... the time off I mean... its time for me to make lists and check them twice.. as we are down to 9 days till the big guy comes...have a great day..