Sunday, April 29, 2012

OK almost May 1,2012

I can't believe how fast the time is flying... hubby and I have our exciting bike trip all booked for August, going to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island ride down the Island to Campbell River where I will attend my town of Ocean Falls Reunion, my momma and sis will be there, Mike is not going it should be fun.. then after the reunion, we will head down to stay with friends for a few days then off to do our thing, go into the States for a few days, then wind our way back home.. We both want to go thru Alberta then thru the Rockies such a beautiful trip on the bike, then home.. just have to keep our fingers crossed for dry and warm weather..and best of all just the two of us. Have our housesitter lined up too. Work is ticking along, the countdown is on not much longer and I shall be done for the summer, all the snow is gone from our yards Yay, will shop for a few plants want to plant a few veggies in containers see how they work out. The families and hubby and I are all doing well. Two of our grandkiddies going into Gr 10 and one into Gr 9 o m g hard to believe !!! I baked some cookies this a.m. for the kids and somehow along the way I tweaked my back I hope its better by tomorrow.. oh and another thing I did was join a Ladies Gym, and I love it.. finally got off my donkey and started doing something. feel so much better for it too!! Thats it for now.. Have posted a couple of pics from our first bike trip a few years ago we had great weather that trip..

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