Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2/12

aha Friday night, got together with the Knitting gals, and am now home relaxing... so it was pouring rain down the hill at the daughters, got excited at the fact that meant the snow would be going down, get home and let the doggie out and oh yes its snowing up here grrrrr, not much planned for the weekend, a date with my hairdresser tomorrow, and maybe get some groceries in.. Mon Tues and Wed is going to be different going to work and just having the administration there, a long with fellow co workers SSA's as the teachers are staging a 3 day walk out, and yes I support them 100 percent.. oh and I forgot no students will be there either, Mon a.m. we have a webinar for 2 hrs, which sounds interesting.. then what will happen for us Tues and Wed I'm not sure.. I have things to keep me busy, oh and I will take my knitting for break time.. The grandkids are fine the girls and our son in law are all doing well so yes life here is going well... Oh I did try lamb with feta and spinach sausages, with smashed potatoes, Hubby liked them so much sais they are definitely a do-over, but will have to wait till we are back in Smithers to pick up some more... now to try the lamb roast... it is a nice meat... while at the Sausage factory in smithers, I picked up lamb, gr turkey and chicken, and some pkgs of gr buffalo, which is very nice as welll... I like to try different meats... for the recipies I try... Ok tty all again soon and hope you are all happy and healthy...

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