Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Yes the cold snap is here, for a week its supposed to warm up on Sunday, so lets just hope it is going to be Sunday to Sunday... froze my touche off at work today then got to come home, into jammies, and a hoodie, poured a coffee and into my sun spot, till the sun set, with the gas fireplace burning it was wonderful... hubby braved the elements and went down and got Chinese food, so I just came from under the blanket to get a plate of food and back under again geez, and our house is toasty.. feel bad for people who don't have warm places.. but tomorrow is going to be different, I am going after work to get my hair done.. so won't be able to run right home oh well I will have a new do for my warm jammies after... but even with the cold it is so beautiful to see the sunshine and blue skies... It is well into January so not bad not bad... just a few more months of winter :) and good news is we don't have to shovel the cold.. other than this all is well....

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