Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!!

so its another year ahead of us all, 2012.. hopefully bring us all health and happiness.. 6 more months of work and 2 off yay, I have that to look forward to..The family is doing fine, I talked to my momma last night she is doing well, her and her other lady friend are off to Hawaii for almost 3 weeks next month.. My mom is doing not to bad but I think she finds the evenings most lonely since she has been on her own.. I had the best two weeks off for Xmas break, was great no plans, just r and r.. had great meals at the two houses we went to, had a great stay christmas eve and gift opening yes have to say I enjoyed it all..our granddaughter bought me the nicest colour wool to make me a blanket to wrap up in.. it matches our walls and furniture.. T had great taste.. but then she is the one too who picks out the wool colours for her mom to make all the beautiful baby sweaters that she does...we are experiencing unusual warm temps for this time of year, and every day its like this it makes for a shorter winter in my eyes.. yay.. maybe we will have dryer riding conditions this spring/summer can only hope... but for now friends, tomorrow is Friday and then then the weekend have a great one everyone..

Chloe my dog and I went for a ride and took some pics of the scenery our last sunny day... this is part of out Golf Course Greens.. its very pretty up there...

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