Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary to both of us....

39 years ago today hubby and I tied the 5:00 actually in Kamloops, then the next day we drove (just hubby) as I didn't have my license at the time, all the way down to Daytona Beach Florida, where my inlaws lived... spent Xmas with them.. oh how we miss them both, they have since both passed away..It is snowing snowing and more snowing here in the north.. then they are calling for freezing rain yikes, not going to be much fun for getting what are our plans for tonight, hmm maybe if hubby isn't working we will go out for dinner or I shall just sit and enjoy the first night of my holidays as you see today is the last day of work till Jan 3 I wish you could hear the excitement in this writing.. sooooo looking forward to it... the time off I mean... its time for me to make lists and check them twice.. as we are down to 9 days till the big guy comes...have a great day..

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